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The software side of things is completely handled by Foxconn. Same with most of the hardware development and all of the manufacturing. I think HMD already admitted that the only software they were handling themselves was the camera or something. Are there any brands that have no ties to china? Even Apple is manufacturing their phones in china the same Foxconn this scandal is about. There's a reason companies are choosing Vietnam now, it's close to the supply chain I hope you meant to say or something.

Or that you are truly new to the market and at an age of 12 or so, without meaning any personal insult. Why does everything have to be a conspiracy? HMD is trying to spin a cute fairy tale about "one batch". More Nokia phones have also been sending data. Both of these models had an application with the name autoregistration installed.

Oray listed as the holder of the domain. This company is listed as a ransom virus spreader by Ransomware Tracker , a web site that tracks which domains and IP addresses contribute to the spread of malware. Sources say to NRKbeta that Oray provides software to remotely control computers and mobile phones in the corporate context, as well as other IT-related services. Every system with great freedoms and benefits requires great effort to maintain. Even those of government. Android itself is fine, the problem are what OEMs decide to include with their phones.

Pixel phones only phone home to Google, not China. It's not a problem with Apple because only Apple sells devices with iOS, but if decide to go rogue there's nothing you can do to stop them. Well technically, Google can tell the OEMs what they can and can't do, but they rarely do that which has led to mandatory, unremoveable crapware and other issues like extreme fragmentation. Yeah I agree, the only sane Android purchase would be a phone from Google. The problem with that is that their recent hardware contractors like LG just are terrible in terms of quality. Have you seen what happens when they do?

Antitrust fines. Google is walking a fine line, which is rightly so since it is such a big company with such a large marketshare in many areas, and so they need to be careful with how much 'say' they have with OEMs. OEMs have to make agreements to use the play store and Google services, but there are plenty of devices that run Android that don't use those services.

They way I see it, it is 2 sides of the same coin. So China might not have your data, but Google probably does, or Apple does, or instagram. I don't think Apple keeps my data private. Most iCloud data, for example, can be read by Apple because they have the keys. As always we need to see who the adversary is. If it's the companies collecting data to sell ads, then I would say that by design an iPhone would be better than a Pixel because there's a difference in philosophy eg: doing things locally vs the cloud.

Google's business is to make money with your data, Apple makes money selling overpriced products. Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that on Android you have brands like Xiaomi which call home multiple times each day, but you also have brands like OnePlus which are better. Google collects data about you, but they don't send it to China.

In other words, there are many "Androids" and some are more private and secure than others. With iOS, it's the same for everyone, they don't have a bunch of OEMs shipping different types of spyware with their phones. Fair points. Being a target is a different matter. So far Apple is the one the very few who seems to be making this very difficult for intelligence agencies. The nsa has access to literally everything in the US, which device you pick is completely meaningless in that regard. Nah, I'm done with it. I've had issues with my pixel 3, Google has terrible support thru Project Fi.

The entire practice of mining as much data as possible is extremely disturbing as this is now becoming a worldwide problem. Can I just put this out there as a semi related comment? My friend's Nokia 6. There's been complete phone freezes, touch not registering at edges, mic not working until restart, unbearable touch latency, camera not working until restart, and now the USB C port itself is coming loose causing the phone to not charge at all unless the cable is put pressure on at a certain angle has tried multiple cables and chargers.

Atleast it's an android one phone and China doesn't spy on you I hope but that didn't stop the software and build quality from being craptastic. I finally convinced him to get a new phone but man getting in touch with him was annoying. Own a Nokia 6. Have all of these problems. This is gonna be my first and last Nokia device. Fuck them. My biggest issues are call volume, speaker phone sucking, and volume out of the 3. If it is any consolation.. Nokia 7 plus also shares the USB-C port problem and is also plagued by a few other serious issues.

Same problem here with Nokia 8, as well as the worst call reception in the history of human communication. I've found myself on a campus in the middle of a city with no buildings between me and the city's cell towers, unable to hear the person on the other side. Interesting, my Nokia 6. It's not the snappiest, it's not the fastest, it's not the most enduring, but it scores decent-enough in all of those, is cheap, built like a tank and never has issues.

I had this with my 7 plus. What helped was I cleaned the port with a toothpick. Now it works as well as it did when I bought it.

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It's obviously a flaw in the design because I didn't experience this with other phones. The flint in the socket is only part of it. The aluminium case has a gap at the bottom of the USB-C port and not enough general isolation around the port to give the charging cable a tight fit. If it moves too much during charging it will start to wobble and wear out the internal circuits causing charging to fail. For some it takes a few months others a little longer but from what I have experienced it is all a matter of time.

Nokia Forums are full of people that have complained or gotten repairs done. I had an issue with the 3. Also used a fine needle to tighten the outside 3. The company identifies the information sent as "activation data" and then says that "no person could have been identified based on this data. While this particular server belonged to China Telecom and did seem to serve this purpose, this is not the general purpose of device "activation data.

Device "Activation data" primarily feeds back to a device maker the location in which a given device was turned on and connected to the Internet for the first time so they can match that against where the device was intended to be sold. This is different from SIM activation data. HMD clearly screwed up here and need to take more care to vett the software running on their devices if they want to avoid tarnishing the Nokia brand. Especially given this happened repeatedly for months instead of once on first boot.

But every device from every manufacturer tells that manufacturer when and where it has been turned on for the first time. Plot twist: one of the few non-Chinese smartphone companies is the only one sending data to China. Anyone know if any of the other Nokia android models have been checked for this kind of data leakage?

I wish this was upvoted more.

Key features

It's not that hard! Why trust a company when you can have complete control down to the very bootloader level? I'd prefer a democratic country's rogue but somewhat controlled intelligence services having data on over a totalitarian dystopic government using my data to beta test their tools of suppression But hail Xi I guess, Tiennanmen not real. Or a Taiwanese brand. HTC has seen better days, but produces OK midrange phones.

Asus's Zenfones are totally fine as well. Yes, phones from an authoritarian hell hole with concentration camps for Muslims and infamous for human rights violations are a bit better bang for the buck, but What's the point of monthly security updates then when the spyware have been in since the launch? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join?

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  4. Self promotion is meant for community members only : - Your account must be at least 3 months old. Pinterest's international users are essentially worth Not bad? Expand More For Next. Unexpand More For Next. In short It performs better than older revisions of LTE. Too many people have worked way too hard on making 5G a reality for billions of users around the world for unscrupulous hacks to undermine consumer trust in it. If you do stuff like this, you will be busted. See also Mediagazer.

    Take your pick. It's really They need more diversity! They need to police radical speech! The algorithms are designed to push engagement, to get us to post our most extreme takes in order to be promoted. Neutral, centrist, reasonable positions? This is the real untold scandal. Express yourself with sensationalism and you'll benefit. Now the personal information of 2. Thanks, FEMA!

    I expect FEMA to notify any Floridian that has been affected and at the minimum provide them with a free credit monitoring service. FEMA says no evidence it was misused. Millions of disaster survivors in California and across the country deserve answers about how their personal information was mishandled. Netflix v. Amazon v. Expand More For Next 2. Unexpand More For Next 2. Apple going beyond magazines and newspapers, including websites too.

    But it's been a bumpy ride. If Apple is going more the aggregator route, Amazon is a strong competitor for them in all the major markets. The most I think about it, the more I think Apple might be really smart to go this route rather than clone Netflix. Quite the shift. And now I am wondering why everyone thinks they need or get to be the middle man in my cord cutting. Isn't that the reason I cut the cord in the first place? Subscription gets you a lot of stuff you can already get for free on the web Tastemade, Cheddar, etc , so hard to figure how appealing it will be.

    Which is create marketplaces. First the marketplace of music, then apps, now media. All those shows it is creating are meant to get you to buy more Showtime. This is just appalling. We can't say which company in particular because despite weeks of efforts to reach them, they haven't taken the content down. Given the launch of the new iPad mini this week, that's impeccable timing. Brittany A. Two apps, side-by-side. You can make your Hue lights flash when your phone gets ….

    If I'd be Chinese I'd probably do the same trade they did. After prosperity, keeping the lid on as hard as it is now is much, much harder. And if changes don't come easily and naturally, I guess you can emigrate. So then maybe they aren't so "happy" to make the trade, but afraid for their status and lives if they don't obey? Happy, probably not. Most likely. And what makes most people happy is having a rich personal life, rather than achieving their political goals, I've found. Bread and circuses stave off revolution.

    From a viewpoint of a person that was able to move from the poor dirty village to the city, get a well-paid job at the factory and get a mortgage for an apartment in a floor building, the government is doing everything right.

    Also this person has probably to work all over the clock to repay the mortgage so he has not much time to think about politics. Imagine there were no strict rules. There would now be political rallies, protests, different factions of people wanting different things, etc. That distracts from economic progress. It's fairly clear to me that in many cases freedom of speech and similar rights leads to less stability and less economic growth.

    Taiwan has prospered just fine without pervasive digital surveillance. Chiang Kai-Shek and Deng Xiaoping were different leaders who left different legacies; who knows what might've happened if Deng had been 15 years younger? I'm specifically noting those two because their deaths were epochal events in the modern political history of both countries.

    The OP said they don't talk about it. Doesn't mean they don't care about it much. It is simply they don't have any means, tools or action they could do to change it. This isn't true at all. China is one of the only places in the developed world where the populace legitimately could topple the government, simply by sheer mass. Why do you think the party works so diligently to quell dissent and organization while going to extreme lengths to prop up the economy? It would be nearly impossible to hold on to power if the people turned, but nobody is interested in that while they or their children can live in a nice apartment and take a holiday in Europe once in a while.

    Just as a thought experiment I'm just trying to understand this attitude towards acceptance of losing privacy Or is just given up after years of losing to their government? I guess that when you are saying that nobody is allowed to talk about it, you are talking about politics because I would have broken the law so many times otherwise.

    I have been living there for a while and Chinese people can talk about it as freely as elsewhere and most of the people I know are very aware of it.


    Have RIM, Nokia & Apple provided Indian Military with backdoor access to cellular comm? | ZDNet

    In my social circle, a large majority of Chinese people would prefer security over privacy or just don't really care. Hard to believe for a westerner like me, but people are happy about it so far. Masking domain name is ineffective security by obscurity. It's trivial to trace where it goes anyways. It's likely to go unnoticed anyway, and it provides for plausible excuses.

    Side note: I didn't notice the page was translated from another language until after I finished reading it and noticed the title bar. Machine translation between European languages has really come a long way. Insanity 7 months ago. Oh wow me neither. Just one word ombudsman stood out to me, but I thought it could exist in English. It does in my native language so I did understand it :p That's a nice translation! It does exist in English. It's a bug. The URL was corrected to mil.

    If this is a joke, it's a nice joke. Bingo :. What is the joke here? Spying is ok, just data should end up in "Norwegian Intelligence Service" not China. Maybe it was a prank, bro? What about the data that already leaked? LastZactionHero 7 months ago. Could never figure out what was in it, and support was no help.

    Free Nokia 8 Spy App - Top Android Spy App for Nokia 8

    Markoff 7 months ago. To be fair. They are nicely made Foxconn phones. Guess Nokia devices are only the tip of iceberg. Personally for me Google is an opposite of privacy. This is related to com. Statement from HMD Global We have analyzed the case and can confirm that there has been an error in the packing process of software in a single batch of a telephone model, which by mistake attempted to send activation data to a foreign server. The data was never processed and no personal information was shared with third parties or authorities.

    How to spy on whatsapp using nokia

    This has now been fixed and almost any device affected by this error has now installed the update. HMD Global takes the safety and privacy of our customers seriously. If that's an official statement, it should probably come with a link to a corresponding press release. Random hacker news comments aren't the most trustworthy. In fact since HMD is based in Finland you can do this probably anyway. C14L 7 months ago. I purchased a Xiaomi phone 4 years ago and some of the Xiaomi apps cleaner, antivirus, and link accounts were sending personal info to China as well.

    These suspicious apps were impossible to remove. How can I check if my phone is emitting these packets? The app tells you what IP addresses apps are trying to communicate with in a fairly neat and simple way. I've just installed it on my 6. Nothing sus yet but it's only been 5 minutes. LoneWolf 7 months ago. I did install it too on my 6. We need surveillance more on people and they actions!

    It's shame that android store let very suspicious apps uploaded! I think it is also worth investigating whether phones secretly send any data to Western companies. Chinese authorities cannot do anything to you unless you come to China, but USA authorities have the power to extradite people from most countries.

    Sending data to US companies is much more dangerous than sending them to China. This can literally get you into jail. For example, many apps, especially messenger and social network apps secretly or openly export contact lists from devices. Not only this is highly unethical, it might be a violation under GDPR because the information in the contact list is personal information and you must obtain the permission of that person for transferring the data abroad, not only the permission of the phone owner. Almost every mobile app collects IMEI, a hardware identifier that allows governments and mobile companies to track the precise location of your phone.

    While such data are highly sensitive, they collect it without any second thought. Even a simple keyboard app was collecting all the data it could grab [2]. I can remember how Google was collecting WiFi data, without permission from access point owners. It was also collecting the traffic sent over WiFi [1]. It seems like the companies in every country have similar interests for users' data. It was sending data to Google servers as well, but sadly they were encrypted with SSL and even installing a self-signed root certificate on the device didn't help to decode the contents.

    So I think there should be better regulation of data collection. The general rule "not a single byte" rule should be that no data can be sent anywhere without explicit user's consent not a phrase somewhere in the EULA.

    samsung galaxy s7 phone locator

    Also I think the manufacturers should put large warnings on the boxes, like the ones on the cigarette packs, like "This device sends all your private data to country X", "This IoT device will spy on you 24 hours a day", "This device uses a cloud in country Y", etc. So that the consumers better know who will spy on them. Nokia is just a name on the phone. The trademark licensee is HMD Global while engineering and manufacturing has been outsourced to Foxconn, a Chinese company. The fact remains that Taiwan is self-governed.

    ElBarto 7 months ago. But both sides agree that it is China. Like Korea includes both North and South even if there are two states. In practice, that's a useless tidbit. Would you rather be the average South Korean or the average North Korean? Their lives are completely different, those are different states for a reason.

    That's not useless at all, that's very important and that's the point. Ask Chinese, ask Koreans. Also ask Germans or Vietnamese. You could also ask Foxcomm's founder. Ok, let's clarify in the context of our topic: why would Foxconn's founder send data to the RPC government? Just because the Taiwanese are primarily ethnic Han? I think Republic of China would at this point prefer to be referred to as Taiwan rather than China. This way they can also distance themselves from all the human rights abuses happening in Xi Jinping's China, you know concentration camps, medical genocide organ harvesting , mass surveillance and whatnot.

    Regardless of the politics, Taiwan and China have different governments and Taiwanese companies are unlikely to be forced by the Taiwanese government to put Chinese spyware on phones that they manufacture. Which makes it a Chinese company, yes Regardless of border politics, Taiwan has its own government.

    People's race has nothing to do with their alignment with other governments. Yes, it's called the Republic of China Allegedly hacked entire OPM database, Marriot and other orgs. This allows them to potentially blackmail key personnel they want to control. Imagine what they can accomplish with the deployment of Huawei 5G. This is bullshit. This is an Android based flaw. What could Huawei 5G infrastructure do that couldn't yet be achieved through their highly prevalent 4G infrastructure?

    Are we worried they're gonna spy us faster and with lower latency? All this 5G panic is ridiculous.

    spy phone software nokia 7

    If our protocols were properly end to end encrypted then it doesn't matter who makes the router. But the NSA wants to have the keys only for themselves. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit. Nokia phones sent identifiable data to Chinese server translate. Angostura 7 months ago Clear headlines that put the most salient information in the headline are not clickbait. Jonnax 7 months ago The ask hacker news section isn't really a good avenue for discussion unless it's a general topic like:What's a good framework?

    UncleEntity 7 months ago That, my friend, would be abusing their monopoly position. ChrisSD 7 months ago You're right. EvangelicalPig 7 months ago To be fair, they did get Coreboot working after about 2 years from the time of that post but it's still not ideal, compared to a older Libreboot based system, performance not withstanding.

    EvangelicalPig 7 months ago That's fair, and even "I" as a "partial supporter" think they need to tune down the marketing machine a bit. Yizahi 7 months ago Oneplus preinstalled weather app doesn't work at all without access to my contacts and to device storage media.