Samsung galaxy s8 stolen phone tracker

Using software to track your phone is pretty easy, but you've got to set it up before you lose your phone. Once it's lost, there's nothing you can do. You might already have set up two of the options using a Google account.

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  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F Real-Time GPS Tracking.

If you lose your phone a lot, it might also be worth getting a dedicated hardware tracker. These are small bits of kit that you can attach to your phone or keys to help you keep track of them. It lets you track your phone from a computer so you can see where it is, and hopefully get it back.

If you have a Samsung account, type it in and tap Sign in. Make sure the switches for 'Remote controls' and 'Google location service' are turned on. You might need to click Continue to agree to the new terms and conditions, then click Agree. If you know your account is already set up, you can skip down to how to use it. Type in your Gmail account and tap Next.

There are plenty of different apps you can download that can help find your phone if you lose it. As well as offering antivirus features, McAfee Mobile Security has a built-in tracker that you can use to find your phone if it ever gets lost. When it's found, click the Lock or CaptureCam buttons to lock the phone and take a picture of whoever might have found it.

Lookout is a popular antivirus app used to track and locate your phone. Once the app is installed on your phone, go through these Setup steps:. Tap the right-arrow a few times to go through the intro, then tap Next. You need an account to use the tracking. Type in your email address and a password to set up an account, then tap Sign up. Go to personal. Another popular app, Cerberus, isn't an antivirus app like the others, but simply a tracking app. So if you want the option to find your phone, but without all the other stuff, this one would be best.

To get started, you just need to download the app onto your phone and open it. It can link up with your Android Wear watch, and give you an alert on your watch if it loses connection to your phone. Click Login in the top-right and sign in using your username and password for your Cerberus account. Instead of using apps or accounts, you can use hardware trackers to keep an eye on where your phone is.

These little bits of kit can work in two ways: either pressing a button on them to make your phone chime, or by attaching it to your phone and tracking it on a map. The way they work is by sending out a very small signal, and whenever one tracker passes by another, anywhere in the world, its location is saved so you can find it on a map.

Locate a missing item in seconds with the TrackR Bravo, putting an end to wasted time spent hunting around for those misplaced keys, phones and other everyday bits. Simply attach the small, discreet and useful Tile Mate to an item and locate it quickly and easily with Bluetooth tracking. Now you know how to track your phone, go through these extra tips which will help prevent it getting lost.

You should always put a passcode on your phone to keep your data on it safe - that'll stop anyone from being able to get to your pictures or other personal info if they were to get hold of your phone. The IMEI of your phone is unique code that can be used to identify it.

If it is lost or stolen you'll normally need to give this code to the police to file a report, as well as your network and insurance companies. The IMEI can help to track the phone if it is handed in, and your network can use it to block it, so that noone can make any calls or use up your data on it.

How to Track an iPhone From an Android Phone

You should try and backup your phone regularly, so that if it does get lost or you have to wipe it, then you won't lose all your pictures, settings and other data. There's a few different ways you can back up your phone, such as Samsung's Smart Switch software which can back it up to a computer, or using the built in backup on your Galaxy S8. If your phone is lost while it's on silent mode, then you won't be able to call it and listen out for the ringtone.

Secure folder works with your Samsung Account.

Don't Panic! Access the ‘Find My Mobile’ website.

We are always open to your problems, questions and suggestions, so feel free to contact us by filling up this form. But rest assured we read every message we receive. I recently purchased galaxy s8 phone. My shopping app requires a scanner. The scanner only scans two to three items at a time before you have to back all the way out of the app and rescan. Which is frustrating when you have several items to scan.

How to setup your Samsung Galaxy S8 Anti-theft and other security features [Tutorials]

Do you have the solution. Secure folder has been locked to prevent unauthorised access. How do I fix this so I can access my secure folder? Wait for the phone to run out of battery. Charge the phone, then boot it to download. Coonect to PC, run odin and install stock firmware. I just had a weird problem with my S8. When I got it 2 weeks ago, I set it up so that it could be unlocked with both a pin and a fingerprint.

Open FoneMonitor login page on your computer and enter login credentials to open its online dashboard.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Click on the "location" under the dashboard to view the live location of the target Samsung Galaxy device. Find My Mobile is a location tracking service that is developed by Samsung for its Galaxy devices. Engaging with this function, you can easily track the live location of Samsung device.

If your Samsung device is lost or stolen then, you can track its location using Find My Mobile. Step 1: First of all, you have to physical access to Samsung Galaxy device and open Settings on it. Step 3: Open Find My Mobile by tapping on it. Tap on "Add Account" and enter Samsung account login credentials. Step 7: You will see three modes including Wipe, Locate, and Ring. Click on the Locate to view the live location. IMEI number is a unique code that is assigned to each mobile device for security purposes. If you lost your device then, IMEI number plays an integral role.

But, there are some limitations while tracking location with IMEI number. Tracking the live location is not possible with IMEI number but there are numbers of crowdsourcing website available where user posts information about found or lost the device. Step 3: Click on "Search Mobile" to locate. It will search for a database and show you the location if it is found.

Hopefully, you will find the best solution to your problem how to track a Samsung Galaxy s7. Here, we have discussed 3 ways that will help you in tracking the live location of Samsung device. All ways are well tested and will help you in tracking a mobile phone. It's a safe Android and iOS device monitoring software that can be used only for the exact purpose of parental control of their kids, by employers to monitor the devices that belong to them as well as on which the employees work, or by you when you have a consent of the device owner.