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    Just download your Cell Phone Monitoring licenses and get to work. Want to host your own cell phone monitoring software on-prem or on your private cloud? As long as you have SQL Server Standard or Enterprise and an existing Windows Server , , or then we will provide you with an installer that creates a database instance for InterGuard. No need to buy any additional hardware. No Jailbreak or Rooting required to set up monitoring.

    View app usage, texts, web sites, web searches, call logs, GPS and more. Boost Productivity Cell phone monitoring gives you visibility into how much your employees focus on work, not distractions.

    How to Monitor your Kids or Employee Phone without knowing them

    Track employee cell phone activities and usage to increase employee productivity. Works for remote and office staff. Monitor User Activity View activity reports and screenshots to gain insight into what employees are really doing on their business cell phones. Track all activities across apps, web browsers, text messages, photos, calls and more.

    Keep Secrets Safe Private or sensitive information can be lost or stolen through improper cell phone usage. Keep data secure and prove compliance by record all employee actions with cell phone monitoring software.

    Other Advantages of Employee Cell Phone Monitoring

    Tracking the work locations of employees is easier and more affordable than ever. Insights gleaned from monitoring the location of team members can help improve safety, operations, record keeping, and customer service. However, it is important to keep in mind the morale of employees.

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    • Implementing new technologies at the workplace does not come without risk, as there is often no clear precedent — legal or otherwise — regarding their use. Few states have passed laws specifically concerning employee location tracking, so obtaining consent can go a long way in protecting both the employer and the employee in a legal grey area. Even for company-owned devices used on company premises, your team members should be fully aware that you are tracking them.

      Even if you are not legally bound to get consent, doing so boosts transparency and trust. Furthermore, cameras should be in plain view and not hidden. Consent is especially important if you plan to track employee location during off-work hours.

      Is Your Employer Monitoring You Through Your iPhone? | Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

      Employers are generally within their rights to monitor all activity carried out on a company-owned device. If you distribute work phones and laptops, your company can track them via GPS or IP address, for example. This extends to company-owned devices taken off premises and during off-work hours, such as when the employee is at home.

      If you plan to use this type of location tracking, issuing company-owned devices is a safe bet. Again, the employer should weigh a few important questions:. If the device can access company servers, networks, data, and documents, it might be necessary to install some sort of mobile device management MDM software or work tracking application that allows IT staff to remotely monitor and, if necessary, wipe the device.

      5 ways corporate HR departments monitor your movements -- even when you're not working

      Employers can track the location of any company-owned vehicle used by employees. Geofencing can even automatically start or stop the timer when someone enters a work location, or issue reminders to start or stop. MDM software certainly has the ability to report the device location any time, but many also offer the option to disable tracking after employees clock out.