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Is the successor to get windows ispy. Sharing the recordings is possible through OneDrive, Dropbox or an FTP server, but there is a 50 MB per file limit for uploading files these cloud storage services. In a hurry? Add it to your Download Basket! The interface is far from being attractive and the fact that everything is well organized and easy to reach is one of the few advantages it has in this respect.

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The prompts for rating and reviewing the application are less intrusive than the ad banners displayed by other apps, so they are only a minor setback. The ability to record video from the built-in camera with the screen blackened is a neat idea, but it still needs a tiny bit of work because with the buttons remaining illuminated someone could easily realize what is happening behind the darkened display.

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Despite it being merely a video recording application, Hidden Camera requires access to the phone dialer as well as to the owner and phone identities. The app is friendly with the system resources, as the battery usage is kept low while the screen goes black. However, the live preview, playing and uploading the captured files will need a bit more power, which increases the overall consumption. Considering the fact that users don't have to pay anything to use all the features of the application, this tool is a bargain for anyone.

Most devices powered by Windows Phone 7. Hidden Camera 4. The inconspicuous companion that allows you record videos without having the phone's screen lit to raise suspicion. Using the on-board camera to film various things around us is a common practice, but when it comes to capturing spontaneous, often funny happenings, this is best done when the subject is caught unawares. Windows Phone users can enlist the help of a special application called Hidden Camera that was created exactly for such purposes, as its name clearly suggests.

Plain interface designed for ease of use The utility has a simple GUI, that is displayed only in landscape mode as it doesn't readjust when the device is held in a different position, unless you leave the home screen of the app.