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Just know that the mid-range specs will only get you so far and its entertainment capabilities make this BlackBerry feel as if it clocks out at 5pm sharp when it comes to the fun stuff.

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But if you're still interested in the KeyOne, it's cheaper and there's a better 'Black Edition' with a tweaked design, more RAM and additonal internal storage. Move over, Samsung Galaxy S8. For a few pennies more, an all-black model is also available for the discerning executive dubbed 'Black Edition' , with a little more RAM and internal storage to boot. This is the reinvented BlackBerry for everyone wholly determined to reclaim a tactile keyboard and BlackBerry Messenger.

It works great for typing once you get used to the keys again.

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We were actually more accurate at typing with it, though we never faster versus using an on-screen keyboard. BlackBerry KeyOne is all business in the front and back, less of a multimedia party anywhere in between. The screen is bright and colorful, but while its aspect ratio is great for viewing emails, it leaves you with unsightly black bars on all video.

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It makes movies look really small. The audio comes out through a single bottom-firing speaker, too. It borrows camera specs from other top-tier top phones, with a 12MP sensor right out of the Google Pixel. Photos are good, though the shared specs only go so far: it doesn't have the same backend camera image stabilization software and its front-end camera app is a mess.

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BlackBerry KeyOne is clearly an Android phone that has productivity users in mind. What it lacks in top-of-the-line internal chip specs it tries to make up for with unique features like sophisticated software and its physical keyboard. Does this new BlackBerry phone have enough of an enterprise advantage to lure you back from your on-screen, makebelieve keyboard?

The Blackberry KeyOne is all about its physical keyboard in a world dominated by touchscreen iPhones and Androids. There are chiclet-style keys, and each one it properly backlit with no need for an on-screen keyboard to hog your display. It does take several hours of typing to re-learn how use it. B shares a key with! We found ourselves making fewer typing mistakes going back to a BlackBerry, but overall slower in our characters-per-minute output. There are several twists to make life easier. It has 52 customizable shortcuts, so every long and short press gets you somewhere faster.

Blackberry KeyOne has three-word suggestions across the bottom of the touchscreen as part of its contextual next word prediction engine. You can, however, select a suggested word without ever lifting your thumbs from the keyboard.

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It works most of the time and feels faster than tapping one of the on-screen choices. The entire keyboard also acts as a trackpad, so you can scroll through menus and web pages as you lightly pet the keys. Compared to the glory days of full mobile keyboards, it can feel a little cramped, however this is the best hardware keyboard to grace Android in years. The BlackBerry KeyOne has an air of sophistication, even as it blends the old and the new technology.

It looks like a productivity tool carried by the workforce elite, with the Black Edition in particular looking like the love-child of a Thinkpad and a Rolls Royce. Its screen-and-keyboard combo is outlined in a silver anodized aluminum frame and backed by a black, soft grip textured rear cover. This stylish, two-toned look is has real character, while the darker Black Edition is still more subtle in its premium look.

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The aluminum frame is scratch-resistant and stood up to our minor testing abuse. Not everyone has had such luck, with a few people reporting that the screen pops out rather easily with a little bend. The good news is that this flaw has been addressed as an issue in the manufacturing process by TCL, and a fix was implemented to ensure new handsets rolling off the production line wouldn't suffer the same fate. The most clever thing about this new BlackBerry design is that it hides the fingerprint sensor inside the small space bar at the bottom of the phone.

There's also a custom 'convenience' button we mapped to the camera app, but found it more annoying than helpful due to its easy-to-mispress location. During calls, it functions as a mute button, which we found useful. For fingers trained to the more common right-side volume rocker then power button layout, it takes a lot of getting used to. There's no upside to the mono speaker on the bottom frame. It helps no one — on-the-go entertainment seekers and business speakerphone devotees alike. This just has the latter, to the chagrin of jet-setting international business travelers.

While the KeyOne Black Edition may be enough to sway finicky executives in the looks department, it does nothing to solve the base design issues of the original, rather the higher price compounds them. The device is razor focused on the tasks of typing and reading text, which doesn't often lend it well to the realities of owning a top-tier smartphone in I would have been nice to see the stippled soft touch plastic rear make way for a sheet of matte aluminium, given the higher price point and more premium focus.

You just can't have everything in life. Its 4. It feels like a 5. Anything taller would make this already g phone feel top-heavy when holding the very bottom of the keyboard. Sadly, not every app adjusts to a 1, x 1, resolution. All video feels extra small with top and bottom black bars. Snapchats and Instagram Stories are also cut off, but for the type of user the KeyOne is targeting it's unlikely to matter too much,. The good news most productivity apps and interactive games adapt to the size. There are a few sacrifices if you want a keyboard on a smartphone in the modern day.

The KeyOne runs Android 7. The service, called SamsungDive, allows you to track, lock, ring, and wipe your Galaxy tablets remotely. Here's how:. Step 1: Check to see if you have one of the supported Samsung Galaxy devices.

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Step 2: Make sure you've registered for a Samsung account and that you're logged into both your Samsung and Google accounts. Step 3: Enable "Remote controls" and allow Google to use location services. Step 5: To track and control your Galaxy device, click through each tab on the left and follow the instructions for each action. That's it. Now you can track and control your lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy device remotely.

SamsungDive is a fantastic service for allowing you locate and recover your lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy device. If you're unable to recover it, at least you'll have the option to wipe the data from it to protect your personal information. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.