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    But, he tells NPR, prosecutors would not prosecute because the car was jointly owned; if it belongs to both of them, the ex had a right to track it.

    For M, this discovery was profoundly troubling. After discovering the GPS tracker at the mechanic, she went directly to the police precinct to give a statement. NPR talked with dozens of marital experts. They say digital spying is changing divorce as we know it. The tools are abundant.

    Clients use it in an effort to stay in control after a separation or to gather evidence of extra-marital affairs or drug abuse. But the laws are murky, and law enforcement is lagging far behind. Lawyers say that partners in breakups sometimes install spyware on computers or phones. And spyware takes just minutes to install.

    The legality of tracking technology is messy. Emily Miskel, a family court judge in Collin County, Texas, has a different perspective on what is really happening. She suspects he used spyware on her phone, in an effort to stay in control. She left him and took their child after, she says, he choked her. In family court — in her affidavits and oral testimony — M laid out her fear of both physical abuse and electronic surveillance.

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    M claimed her ex seemed to know the contents of her text messages — which friends she talked to, even after she left the house. Her ex has denied all allegations. And the judge focused on the physical charges, like choking, rather than on the digital spying allegations. With her suspicions raised after discovering the GPS tracker, M went to an Apple store for help locating spyware on her phone. But that meant that the evidence, if any, went along with the phone. In , the last time the Justice Department attempted to quantify stalking, it estimated that 1.

    That figure more than doubled — to 3. An even earlier DOJ survey of stalking victims in and found that electronic monitoring of some kind was used on one in 13 victims. This was before iPhones and the smartphone era.