Track where a cell phone is

Step 3. If the target phone is iOS, there is no need for any app installation. You can spy on the target phone just by their iCloud credentials, without accessing the phone even once. If the target phone is Android, you will have to install the Cocospy app on the target phone. Step 4.

How to Track Stolen Phone? IMEI Tracking? Find IMEI of Stolen Phone? What to do?

Give the system a few minutes to sync the data of target phone on your Cocospy dashboard. Step 5. You will be taken to the Cocospy dashboard. See, as I told you beforehand, Cocospy is a very easy and one of the best tracking services I have seen.

You should get started and track a cell phone via Cocospy now. Spyic is the only thing in the market that is capable of giving a close competition to Cocopsy.

Find an Android Phone via Device Manager

But if all you need is to know where the target user at any instant, you are going to love Spyic. It works like a ninja that is always keeping an eye on the person without their knowledge. Spyic is also a web-based service. It does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone.

Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location with the Number of the Cell Phone

However, it truly holds the claim of tracking a cell phone location with the number of the cell phone. This is due to its reverse phone lookup feature. With Spokeo, you can enter the number of the target phone and it will give you the address of the device, along with the last known addresses. This is a unique feature that the other entries on this list lack.

7 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

However, the usefulness of this feature is up for debate. There are very few who would pick it over apps like Cocospy or Spyic. Life is an application for Android and iOS that allows location sharing between family and friends. With Life, you can create groups and add your family members or friends in the group.

How to track a cell phone location by number only

They will get constant updates about your live location. Further, it also allows you to chat with the members on the location page. Further, if you are using Life, you cannot do it in stealth mode. The target user will always know. Glympse is a simple and minimalistic app. GPS with a smartphone is a little different than satellite-based units. Smartphone GPS does not use satellite data directly, relying instead on cell tower triangulation to plot locations on the unit's online map.

However, as long as the phone is within range of cell towers and is getting signal, the GPS functions work. However, should your child end up out of range of any cell reception, these functions will not operate as intended.

mSpy (best phone tracker)

This is critically important, especially if you know your child will be traveling to rural locations, on a camping expedition or heading overseas on a class trip. Apple's logically titled "Find My iPhone" requires the app to be installed on your kid's phone. As long as you have access to the Apple account and password information, you can locate the device quickly.

Turn the feature on your kid's phone by tapping "Settings" and then "iCloud. Flip the switch to the right to activate the feature.

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Go online to www. Click on the "Find My iPhone" radar icon. In a few seconds, all Apple devices with the app that are turned on and connected to iCloud will appear on a map, indicated by colored pushtack icons. By clicking on the bubble that appears over the icon, you can locate the phone down to the street level. Although this is not percent precise, the app will get you to within a few hundred feet of the actual device location.

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  5. Android's answer to finding lost phones or phone users is Where's My Droid. A neat feature of this app is that you don't need to be using another Android phone to find your child's device. You then receive map coordinates, a Google Maps link and the nearest address to the Android device.

    Tapping on the Google Maps link brings up a virtual map similar to Apple's, showing you the location within a few hundred feet of the actual location. Where's My Droid lets you change the command key word or "attention word" to wake the unit up, and make the unit ring with a specific tone in case your child has been ignoring the standard ringtone.